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Holiday Inn Express, Barrow-in-Furness

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Holiday Inn Express

Ashall Projects Limited appointed Franklin Ellis as architects and interior designers for the new-build 127 key Holiday Inn Express Hotel in the centre of Barrow-in-Furness. The developers recognised the local demand both from leisure and tourism guests, as well as business travellers working with local industries.

The hotel occupies a town-centre plot benefitting from a privileged location close by the impressive historic Town Hall. The new hotel facades were designed to help reinstate the enclosure to the adjacent square, whilst the use of dark red brick is to harmonize with the traditional local building stock. A stylish glazed corner animates the exterior of the hotel, and further glazing is used in the ground floor guest areas, where large picture windows connect the life of the hotel with the bustle of the street.

The contemporary and vibrant interior uses a flexible style palette developed by the IHG. A selection of modern seating styles are used with bold ‘pops’ of colour together with warm timber textures. The interior layout creates an appealing sequence of spaces leading from the reception, through the bar lounge and buffet areas and on to the dining area. Each space is carefully considered to feel warm, inviting, comfortable and fun! The substantial windows help make the interior feel open and bright. For business travellers and events, the hotel offers a suite of meeting/function rooms as well as co-working spaces. The hotel has significantly enhanced the area and is already successfully supporting the local community.


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