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Farnborough School

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Farnborough School

Farnborough School Technology College is a new £17 million academy located in open countryside to the edge of the Clifton Housing Estate, Farnborough, Nottingham. The development is situated entirely in Green Belt, replacing a series of existing structures whilst incorporating an existing sports hall.

The school sought to create a calm, purposeful place of learning, ‘a city school in a green environment’ for 1050 pupils, ages 11 – 16. A safe, secure and disciplined environment helps foster enthusiasm for learning to develop fulfilled and successful individuals.

The architecture was driven by the school’s vision, the character of the building is one of simplicity and elegance with a straightforwardness that reflects the vision. The landscape strategy was devised to enhance the sense of openness through linkages to adjacent woodland whilst creating protected areas for external learning.


Nottingham City Council