Fundraising for Comic Relief

Just over two weeks has passed since our Comic Relief challenge, our legs have just about recovered and we wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who sponsored us and came to assist in the challenge of climbing the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest up the very steep Park Steps at the Park Estate.

We originally thought the steps were 10M in elevations, but thanks to our friends at the Survey Hub, who also kindly sponsored us, we found out they’re actually 20M, meaning we summited Mount Everest not twice, but four times in the space of six hours!

Combining our fundraising efforts with Comic Relief was a great opportunity to get involved in a big, national event and certainly captured the imagination of our team and all the other businesses we convinced to get involved! Comic Relief funds projects all over the UK, and internationally, supporting lots of amazing organisations with the aim of ending poverty.

At such a difficult time for people across the world, we’re glad to be raising money for an organisation that also supports local food banks and shelters, as well as providing all sorts of educational programmes and support worldwide. We couldn’t think of a better cause to lose use of our legs for!

We are hugely grateful to everyone who supported us in the event both through donations and for those mad enough to join us!

A special mention to the following organisation for their very generous financial and sweat pledges!

  • HWA Consulting Engineers
  • JRD Design and Build
  • Gusto Homes
  • Jennie Holland PR
  • Chord Consult
  • Pulse Consult
  • Elliott Wood
  • ADGC
  • Tundall Smith King
  • Church Lukas Architects
  • Maber Architects
  • Beeston Dental Practice
  • ARC Design Studio
  • Stepnell
  • West Bridgford Colts
  • The Sneinton Academy
  • The Nottingham Building Society

The event was a great success and featured on BBC Radio Nottingham throughout the day, and East Midlands evening news. Many thanks to all at BBC who helped us to get the word out there and to everyone who helped and donated to the cause. We raised £2,340, three times our initial target, and a great sum to add into the collective pot for Comic Relief.

Our legs were aching for a while after the event but feedback has been very positive. We will be taking it on again next year with a target of 4 ascents to beat!