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Ratcliffe STEAM Centre

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Ratcliffe College STEAM Centre
Ratcliffe on the Wreake

Franklin Ellis were invited to submit a design for a new STEAM Centre (Science, Technology, English, Art, and Maths) at Ratcliffe College. The new accommodation was to form an important feature building for the College, reflecting new directions in teaching. A key feature was to support and display a full-sized spitfire aircraft which was to be reconstructed by pupils as part of the school’s academic programme utilising the skills and knowledge developed within the new STEAM Centre.

FEA’s concept of for the building is strongly focused on 3 principles. Firstly, to create a strong sense of arrival as the site was located along the College drive at the rear of the main buildings. Secondly, to re-imagine and define focus on the historic chapel by reflecting the cloistered enclosures that already exist elsewhere in the College. Finally, using the new building as the perfect opportunity to connect the main College with the newly completed, award winning Preparatory School (by FEA).

To clearly communicate our concepts and proposals to the client, in addition to the concept drawings and presentation, we produced a fully animated fly-through visualisation. This was supported by a detailed 3D printed model of the proposal and the existing buildings on campus. This enabled a clearer perspective of the proposal and gave the client the opportunity to explore the building in context. Both the animation and 3D printed model were produced in-house.