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Celebrating a year of Employee Ownership at Franklin Ellis

Our first year as an EOT has been a great experience for Franklin Ellis. We have been able to reaffirm our values and ensure that we continue to live by our ethos of putting people at the heart of what we do.
Abit of background
Franklin Ellis became an EOT in November 2022, a bold step for a company which has flourished for over 30 years since it was founded by David Franklin and Andrew Ellis. We have always enjoyed high levels of engagement with our team. everyone knows one another, and many of us have worked together for years, so the move into employee ownership felt in harmony with our established people-focussed culture and it has been a natural transition.
We have always maintained a sense of belonging and invested in the professional development of employees. The EOT has been a fantastic opportunity to safeguard the important legacy of the founding partners.
Setting up a Trust
On becoming an EOT, we established an active Trustee Board to help shape our journey into Employee ownership. Initial Q&A sessions with the whole office helped everyone to understand the change.
There is no fixed EOT road map so every business navigates its own unique path. So as with many newly formed EOTs, Our first year comprised of fact-finding; through discussions with our independent Board member, reading forums on the EO Hub and working out what communication strategy would be right for us.
Communications Strategy
Over the last 12 months we have worked to refine our channels of communication and to create an open forum, to create opportunities for colleagues to engage and to suggest ways in which we can work together to improve our business.
The management team have provided regular feedback on our business performance so that everyone is aware of our challenges and successes.
Refining our values
Everyone in the company has participated in a detailed review of our company values and we were delighted with the level of engagement and thoughtful opinions that were voiced. This process has allowed us to refine our values and has become an affirmation of our vision for ourselves and our clients.
forward thinking
The shifts we have seen
Everyone at Franklin Ellis is committed to the business and the transition to an EOT has enhanced the collaborative nature of our team. We ensure we all meet regularly across a range of forums.
It is great to see the continued enthusiasm for our in-house focus groups which develop our work place (socials, well-being, mentoring groups); and also develop our shared understanding in areas of special interest for professional development (sustainability, presentation and communication, technical knowledge, fire safety and other groups).
Looking forward
We continue to adapt, grow and develop along our journey into Employee Ownership, ensuring that we deliver on our shared vision and act in accordance with our shared values.
We understand that building a successful EOT culture is more than making operational and process changes. The intention is to enhance a sense of belonging, to provide clear direction, and ensure we value everybody’s contribution.
We invite our colleagues to be a part of the future development and progression of the company by bringing diversity and passion, and by contributing to the overall success and well-being of everyone at FEA.
We can’t wait to see what our second year will bring and how we will grow as a company.

The FEA team moments from tucking into some well-deserved cakes by the Christmas tree.

The First EOT Board Meeting

Group Photo from the first EOT Board Meeting.

In Photo: Ben Dudley, David Franklin, Ian Marshall, Luke Turner