Repton School

October 17th, 2011

Current Status:
Planning Approval has been received and FEA are currently working with Bowmer & Kirkland in developing the detailed design and costings for the project.

Brief Description of Scheme:

“This multidisciplinary science building will provide the best possible resource both for preparing pupils for a university education in science and also for educating those students requiring a scientific background before proceeding in a non scientific career.  The building itself will provide a setting to inspire learning.”

The building seeks to provide a balance between the need for being a place of combined scientific purpose, whilst recognising the individual needs of each discipline.  The building will contain classrooms, teaching laboratories, a lecture theatre, a lecture room, resource centre/library, reception area, offices, staff room and ancillary spaces.  The building design is arranged around a strong central internal street from which the individual spaces can be accessed.

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