It’s A Knock Out’

October 7th, 2011

Charity Event – Saturday 24 September 2011

Team members
Back row left to right
Marcia, Chris, Harry (team mascot ‘Ben 10’), Joe, Oliver, Rosie, Jon, Max (supporter)
Front row left to right
Melissa, Jack (team mascot ‘Superman’), Josh (supporter), Stavros, Helen

Franklin Ellis Architects was invited by our client Nottinghamshire Hospice to partake in one of their fund raising events.

A team of staff and some of their partners faced up to the challenge.

With the help of You Tube (vintage Stuart Hall series), some of the younger members of the team viewed what was to be entailed!

The entry fee achieved with the kind and generous support of our work colleagues and the practice partners.

Nine of us made the team. Some weird and wonderful ideas to uniform us came thick and fast from pink tutu’s to cavemen/women outfits. We settled for our ‘baby blue’ FEA football team t-shirts and off we went.

Saturday afternoon, sunny and dry at the Highfields Sports Club we faced the inflatable course along with 5 other teams. It looked like a straight forward obstacle course. Just a bit of over that and under that- how wrong!

After all the various health and safety warnings had been said and signing the disclaimer completed, we started with the entrance into the arena with a performance by each team! We each attempted to do a cart wheel.

The challenges involved a variety of apparatus which were constructed in such a way that they actually impeded our performances but we ‘kept calm and carried on’!

We had challenges that involved water and foam- lots of it. Some of us had to wear over sized costumes, make our way through the obstacles with buckets of water throw at us.

We had a over sized flower and a rubix cube to re-build (We played our Joker for this one and lost!). Putting teeth in and knocking them out of a very big mouth and carrying water on our heads to fill a bucket.

The final obstacle called the ‘Pyramid’ had us all getting wet, as we had to get over wet and foamy hills and cross a water and foam filled moat.

The day ended with a group shoulder massage and a cool down dance with the announcement of our achievement- we had won!

Although to win and to have fun was on the agenda, we all agreed that the day was a very good fun filled team building day and promises were made all round to partake in the proposed Olympic version next year!



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